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This is How We Roll

A fierce night at The Pioneer. We shared the stage with our brothers-in-arms Too Many Unknowns as well as another cover band we’d never played with before, The Dirty Nuggets.

What a night. We hit it off right away with The Dirty Nuggets – their performance and song-choices are really strong and they’re all just great guys. We got along so well that we were unfazed when we found out that we covered the same song – Weezer’s iconic anthem about geek-vengeance, “Hash Pipe”. We saw that The Dirty Nuggets fast-paced and energetic version rocked – what were we going to do? We had a busy set, and we considered dropping it to keep from stepping on each other. Then our guitarist Chris came up with a brilliant idea: what if we covered the song anyway but got the guys from The Dirty Nuggets to come and help us out with the backing vocals?

So, we played the song, but not before goading The Dirty Nuggets on-stage with us while played our gritty, chunky rendition of the song. There they were – on stage with us, crowded around our mics, all of us singing our hearts out. We had a blast.

This show also introduced our new “P34 Superfan shot”. This is where we invite the rowdiest audience member up on stage to do a tequila shot with us. Our very first honoree turned out to be “Kevin” – an enthusiastic supporter who said he was amped because he had never seen a band cover Tool before. That’s right, Kevin. Because Project34 plays the songs other bands are too meek to cover, that’s why.

Then – Project34! Cheers! Shot.

After this show, the band decided to forego any gigs for August. We had some vacation time due and when we weren’t vacating (?) we wanted to polish our newer songs and add a few more to our set list. So that’s what we did. When we weren’t taking time off, we were developing new songs – among them, Tool’s “Prison Sex” and Royal Blood’s “Figure It Out”.

We’ve been working hard. We refuse to settle down and be predictable. In fact, we refuse to be classic. We plan on showing off our new songs at our next gig at Mademoiselle Resto-Bar on September 8th, 2017.

These rehearsals have been hard. But when we found Izzy taking a well-deserved break someone decided to capture the moment on camera (of course we had to plant a bottle of Tequila in the shot).