Project34 at Le Pionnier July 15, 2017

We’ve had a lot of fun gigging in downtown Montreal, but we’ve now set our sights on the ‘burbs. After all, this is where we were when we cut our teeth in high school: head-banging and throwing horns to loud, rebellious rock while everyone else was learning the latest boy-band dance moves.

So, we’re going to go back and re-create those glorious moments when the neighbours gave us dirty looks every time we cranked up our Marshalls and Ampegs in the garage, and thrashed on our kits in the basement.

We’re going to play le Pionnier – the infamous “Pioneer” – in Pointe-Claire. In preparation we’ve talked, debated, argued, done tequila shots then argued some more just to seek out new cover songs that meeker bands fear. Then we’ve practiced and developed them to death to take ownership of them, because we are Project34.

We promise you: We. Will. Riot.

Click on the poster or follow this link for event details:

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